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We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Right Solution

Grow the business in a company or organization is not easy, it needs efort and many challenges, Dimarketing is here as a digital marketing consultant who offers solutions according to your business needs!

The services that Dimarketing provides are a form of Dimarketing’s dedication in helping businesses to grow and develop from upstream to downstream to carry out digital transformation that is right on target.

Platform For Business Growth

The right solution for those of you who want to develop digital assets and make it the spearhead of the business.


Brand & Promotion

Dimarketing provides services to do branding and promote your business digitally and massively.

Digital Marketing

We develop internet marketing strategies to help businesses get found online and generate more sales.

Digital Performance & Strategy

Dimarketing will prepare all your digital needs to achieve the best performance and strategy.
– Customer Journey
– Omnichannel Strategi
– Digital Transformation

Increase Sales Effectiveness

Increase sales in an effective way and build a good brand persona to be better known by your potential customers!


Omnichannel Digital

Manage all your business needs from sales, social media, and customer service in one digital omnichannel platform.
Right Now!

Lead & Acquisition Management

Are you a business owner, but confused about wanting to get new leads and customers every day? We provide the means for your business to grow rapidly with the right solution.

Reduce Operational Cost

Minimize unnecessary operational costs by improving your quality and sales with Dimarketing.


Customer Relation Management

Improve your relationships by knowing your customer and client personas by using CRM (Costumer Relationship Management.

Digital Development & Management

We provide all digital needs ranging from website development services to mobile apps according to your business needs!

Why Choose Dimarketing as Digital Marketing Services for Your Business?

We make your digital assets the spearhead of your business.

Together with Dimarketing your business digital assets such as social media, websites and others become the spearhead of sales and business brands.

Every Digital Journey Is Different

Every implementation we do to every business has its own uniqueness and different target market.

Right On Target

We do marketing according to objective and appropriate target goals to get the best results.

We sell for you not for us

Dimarketing focuses on developing your business and business by increasing sales digitally.

Best Support With Great Experience

We provide our best consultants with experience and cases that are specific to your business.

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